16 February 2010

Up and Down

Nathan had another MRI on his head late yesterday. This morning they told us that the abscess has not gotten smaller and the radiologist thinks that it may have actually gotten larger. It's about 4.6cm. The infectious disease (ID) doctor recommended that Nathan have another procedure to drain the abscess. However, after the ID doctor spoke with the neurosurgeon they decided to wait and monitor it since Nathan is acting fine and did not have a fever overnight (his fevers typically come at night and are higher). We think this was mostly on the part of the neurosurgeon and we are thankful that he is conservative with performing surgery. The ID doctor will probably want to drain the abscess again if Nathan's fevers are frequent and high. Incidentally, they are now assuming that his fevers have been a result of the abscess. Not too long before we went home last week, they took him off of a medication to reduce swelling in his brain and they believe it's possible that the medication could have masked the persistent infection that resulted in a fever when we went home.

After hearing the news from the ID doctor, we were certain that Nathan would probably have surgery this week but when she came back after speaking with the neurosurgeon, we had hope that maybe it wouldn't be necessary. And actually after the pediatrician came in this evening we were told if Nathan doesn't have a fever tonight that they will discharge us tomorrow! This is something to be hopeful for!

Nathan is doing well in spite of all of this. Today we gave him a bath (well, he didn't like that) and since he wasn't hooked up to any monitors we were able to carry him around the room and play. We also had him walk and he was actually able to walk a couple feet on his own. He was somewhat unsteady but not too bad. He is also using his right hand more. If you recall, his right side has been weaker ever since his surgery as a result of the abscess being on the left side of his brain. He definitely prefers to use his left hand but is engaging his right hand more and more.

Right now we are praying that the antibiotics will be able to penetrate the abscess and work to eventually eliminate it. We don't want Nathan to need another surgical procedure. It's a risk we don't want him to have to go through again if at all possible. Also, we are praying that the abscess will be eliminated quickly because the ID doctor thinks we're looking at antibiotic therapy for about 6 months (an estimate so it could be shorter or longer). That would put Nathan's heart surgery at least 8 months out. We just want our little guy to be all better.

Thank you for your prayers! We are experiencing a peace that seems so foreign in a situation like this, well, at least for me. Richard doesn't struggle with worry the way I do. :) We know that your prayers are sustaining us and we are so thankful!

Maybe next time I post, we'll be home again for good!


WilxFamily said...

God peace is truly great in the midst of your storm. It's harder for us moms, I think. Keep looking to the Lord for your strength and wisdom.

I am continuing to pray for you guys and Nathan...and that the doctors will have the wisdom they need as they work with Nathan.

God is greater than all of this, and it will all be just fine...but I'm sure you already know that! Praise the Lord for such a sweet peace he has given you!

Tami said...

Oh man, Kelley...you guys have been through so much. At a loss for words here....just please know we're continuing to pray for total resolution to all this, and that your sweet Nathan will be home with you all SOON.

God bless!

Frank said...

Kelly and Richard:

I pray you guys made it home. Nathan and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am encouraged about the movement of his right arm and also encouraged by the good care being offered by the doctors. I will continue to pray that our Great Healer will heal Nathan completely

chippieprice said...

Please let us know if you would like some meals. We can have some team members prepare some meals and freeze them. Then we can deliver all of them at one time OR you can even pick them up at church when you have a free second. We are so willing to help!
Love and Prayers
Katie Price