10 February 2010

Back Again

Well, our time at home was short-lived. Twenty hours after getting home we were on our way back to the hospital. Nathan's fever went down slightly over night but this morning it was up again and so we called our doctor. He ended up calling the infectious disease doctor's who are treating him for his infection and they wanted Nathan back in the hospital. Our home care nurse said that since he is on antibiotics, his fever should be going down.

Right now the plan is to check his blood and see if there is any bacteria. They might need to change his antibiotic or potentially add one depending on what they find. One unexpected thing that happened since we've been here is his oxygen levels have been a lot lower than what is normal for him. It is perplexing the pediatrician and nurses on call tonight so they are contacting cardiology. They are also doing some diagnostic testing to try and figure it out. Right now he is on oxygen and we will see how it goes. We are expected to be here at least two days.

I will say that our 20 hours at home were great. Nathan got a great night's sleep (so did Richard and I for that matter). No interruptions! Richard and I got to sleep in the same bed together for the first time in 8 days! Oh, around 2:30 this morning I heard Nathan sneeze and then say, "bless you." Very cute. He was also joking today and laughing. Outside of his fever, you wouldn't really know that he was sick at all. We also got to eat real food for three meals as a family together. No hospital food or take out! Oh, and as a side note, the hospital food options for children is surprisingly unhealthy. There are a few options for fruits and veggies but most of the options are not good for you. So, we definitely enjoyed our time at home and are looking forward to being back there with our little guy. I will say it is comforting though to be in a place where people know what to do and Richard and I don't always have to make all the decisions. It's hard being at home wondering if something Nathan is going through is normal, if we should take him to the hospital or at least call the doctor. It takes the guess work out of it all.

Thanks again for your encouraging words and your prayers. We really do appreciate all of you, even those of you we don't know! I hope to post tomorrow that the doctor's are finding answers.


WilxFamily said...

Maybe this was just a God given respite for your family to be home...I'm so SO glad that both of you and Nathan slept well for the time you had at home. I can understand the element of safety in the hospital though. I'll be praying for discernment in the doctors care of Nathan today.

Tami said...


So sorry to hear Nathan's fever didn't go down and he's back in the hospital:-(. I had a bad feeling when I read your last post, and was hoping/praying it would resolve. I love your positive attitude in all this. I can imagine how there is comfort in Nathan being in the hospital, being monitored and able to get quick care if needed. So happy to hear your providers were conservative about the decision to readmit him. I will continue to pray that they find the culprit of the fever and that it can be quickly resolved.

Thank God you did have a break and felt the comfort of home again, if just for a while. You know you've been through so much when the little everyday normal things that usually go without notice become so special. Praying you return home again soon...this time for good!

Thanks again for keeping us informed.