11 February 2010

Eventful Night

I posted late last night and if you can believe it, it still turned out to be quite an eventful evening. A little after midnight, as I was just falling asleep, the resident physician came in and told me that they wanted to transfer Nathan to the Pediatric ICU. The things they tried to bring up his oxygen levels (to what is normal for him) didn't work and they wanted him to be better monitored in case something was evolving. It felt like that dreadful night 10 days ago. We even had the exact same nurse and NCT as we did the night we came over here and they found his abscess.

I do want to explain what I mean by
his oxygen levels being low. For a person without a heart defect, oxygenated blood feeds the organs and tissues at levels close to or at 100%. Nathan usually runs in the mid 70 to low 80% range. When we were admitted into the pediatric ward, he was in the low 60's.

Sometime overnight, I woke up because Nathan was crying. The nurse was in and had drawn blood from his picc line. I looked at him and noticed that his color looked bad. I mentioned it to the nurse and that's when she showed me that his oxygen level had dipped into the 30's! I was so scared. I started praying and by God's grace it started rising. We just stood there watching the machine wondering what was going to happen. Soon after it was up and the nurse even commented that it was better than it had been all night!

Not too long after that, I went to sleep. I woke up some time later and the nurse was putting blankets on him. He had 2 regular and 2 heated blankets on him and he was shivering! I felt his forehead and he would go from burning hot to cold. Then he started making strange sounds while he was breathing and I thought maybe he might be having a seizure. I checked his legs to see if I could move them and I could (when he was seizing last week he was so stiff). I mentioned to his nurse about checking for seizure but she looked into his pupils and everything was fine! Thankfully!

His oxygen levels fluctuated a good portion of the night. Around 5:00AM he had a fever of 104 and they treated him for that. By the time he woke up this morning he was stable and I don't think the fever has returned.

Today he has had an echocardiogram again along with an MRI of his head. He is on oxygen to keep his oxygen levels at a level that is normal for him. He has increased markers for imflammation as of last night which he didn't have a few days ago. His lungs look good. The blood cultures haven't shown any bacteria yet. He is on three antibiotics now. They are treating him like they did initially for a wide range of possibilities.

Right now we're just waiting to see what the echo and MRI show. His cardiologists should be by later.

Will keep you posted.


Love for Lilly Yin said...

My heart is so heavy for you. I do not know you personally, but I have been following your blog since all this started, and I share the joy of being an adoptive Mom with you. I am praying for your precious boy and I can not imagine how hard this must be on your whole family. I pray that you find the answers to his health that you so need, Godspeed.

TanyaLea said...

Oh Kelly, I can only imagine the roller coaster ride that you and Richard are riding on right now. My heart goes out to all of you! We are still praying for Nathan here... praying for CLEAR answers and diagnosis, so that he can be properly treated without any added or unnecessary medications or treaments. Poor little guy. It's hard enough to read about it and have a visual going on, let alone being there in his room, looking at your own son and wondering if he is okay. But I'm so glad that your first instincts are to PRAY and to rely on the Lord... I still fully believe He will see Nathan through with flying colors.

Please keep us posted.

Love ya,

Frank said...

Paul Family:

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for posting these updates. It sure helps us to follow Nathan's recovery and pray for all of you. God Bless you all

Gwen said...

Will continue to pray for Nathan. I hope he has a better night tonight. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Gwen (mom to Sarah Mei, New Day kiddo)

Tami said...


My heart aches for Nathan...for ALL of you. You've been through so much. Don't really have the words.....just know we are lifting you all up in prayer.