16 May 2010

Recent Photos

Here are some recent photos. First, notice that our little guy is sporting a new haircut! Love it! Second, notice that he came to us with some pretty good flexibility. Please excuse the pajama pants, he just got up from a nap. :)


11 May 2010

Good News!

I just wanted to updated everyone on Nathan's abscess and how things are going. He had another MRI of his brain and after meeting with the neurosurgeon, we found out that his abscess has shrunk from 3.2cm to 2.3! The neurosurgeon said that it is shrinking remarkably fast! He also said that there is some fluid on another part of his brain and right now he's not sure about it. He said that it could be because the brain is moving back into place or the paranoid reason would be that it will be it's own abscess. Right now we just have to watch for vision issues as that would be an indicator that something is wrong. He has another MRI on June 11.

Nathan's walking is getting better but I still need to get him evaluated by PT and OT. I haven't done it yet because Richard's company switched insurance companies and I was waiting for the switch to take place. We also had family in from out-of-town and it was nice putting the medical stuff aside for a few days and enjoying their company.

Also, our social worker came by today to do the 6 month report that is required when you adopt from China. I can't believe Nathan has been with us for 6 months already. The meeting went well and was mostly just summarizing Nathan's medical history over the past few months along with how he's doing in general. Our social worker was amazed that he's still with us given all he's been through! We know God has brought him so far and look forward to all that he will accomplish in his life.

I still need to post some pics and will hopefully be able to take some new ones soon. Once we got Nathan's bike helmet, the weather hasn't been that great. On the few days it has been, we just so happened to be at doctor's visits or other things.

Have a great day!