06 November 2010


We're HOME!! Nathan was discharged this afternoon and is sleeping contently in his own bed! I am still in a bit of shock. The surgical nurse told me on Monday that the stay would be 3-5 days but I was skeptical. At the very least I thought we would maybe make the 5-day mark. But no, our little guy did SO great that he only had to be in the hospital for 3 days.

They removed his chest tube yesterday because drainage had pretty much stopped. They gave him some "happy medicine" and out it came. They also checked on his heart via an echocardiogram yesterday and the cardiologist said it looked great! He has a follow-up appointment on the 15th.

I have to say it's quite amazing that kids can be so active after such a serious surgery. He has no activity restrictions and can do anything he feels comfortable doing. He is sore and not ready to jump on the furniture (don't worry, we don't allow that) but he's walking around. His incision is only a few inches long and no stitches! Just steri-strips and in due time they will just fall off.

They only did the first surgery and will check him in about 6 months to see if he's ready for the next one. His oxygen levels are between 75-85% and that's where they expected him to be.

Our hospital stay was actually quite easy and we got to catch up with all of the nurses. It does make everything so much easier when you know everyone. :)

A huge thank you to all of you who prayed for Nathan and all of us through this surgery. Praise God it could not have gone better! I am so amazed!

03 November 2010

Surgery Went Well!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Nathan's surgery went well! Everyone was very pleased. They had to patch part of his left pulmonary artery since it was smaller than the right (they mentioned that they would probably need to do this). It is still smaller but only by 8-9mm they say.

Nathan is doing well. He is sleeping but they pulled out his breathing tube right after the procedure. He is in and out of sleep. He's asked for apple juice and water but he can have neither until around 7:00 this evening when they can start him on clear liquids. Then tomorrow if all goes well he will be able to eat anything he wants.

Isabel is with us and at the playroom right now with one of the Child Life workers. I have to say that Isabel was excited to come back to the hospital (at least one of us was, right?). She has a lot of fun here and honestly, they do a great job for the kids and their siblings. She is also amazingly unphased by hospital "stuff". I think that will serve her well throughout her life.

We are also in the same room we spent 5 weeks in last Spring. I actually prayed a couple hours before the surgery was over that we would get the same room. I know it's minor compared to everything else but for several reasons I wanted the same room. I was amazed when the surgical nurse told us we would be in the same room (I don't know why... it's not like I think God can't do that). But it was definitely a reminder that God cares about the little things that matter to us, even in the midst of the big things that matter to us. I am learning that I can ask God for anything, not just the big things. For some reason it's a recent revelation to me. And with that I am starting to involve God in more of my life.

Finally, thank you for praying for Nathan and for us. God continues to bring Nathan through some difficult things. We are so happy to see him doing so well. His oxygen levels are even better than they were and we are looking forward to a smooth and speedy recovery! :)

02 November 2010

Surgery Details

Nathan's heart surgery is scheduled for 7:00 on Wednesday morning (Central Time). We have to be there at 6:00. The surgery is supposed to last 3-4 hours. He will spend the next 3-5 days in the ICU until they can take his chest tube out. Once that is out, he is able to go home! We will see how it goes. I hope to post after his surgery. Thanks so much for your prayers!!