03 February 2010

First Night without all the tubes

Nathan was awesome the first night. They gradually reduced his pain killers, I think he is only on Tylenol. He only got up a few times and went right back to sleep.

This morning he loved his chicken broth, apple juice, cherry drink and some of his jello, he did not care too much for the iced tea a good sign he is taking after his dad.

Just finished the standup with his med staff, if things go well they will move him out of ICU sometime tomorrow.

I am just a bit concerned about the right side of his body not moving too much, they said this is normal since the infection was on the left side of his brain.

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WilxFamily said...

Praise the Lord!! Thank you for this update Kelly. Can't wait to tell the kids about his progress.

We will continue to be praying for him.