31 October 2010

MRI Results and Surgery Scheduled

Well there is a lot going on here. First of all, Nathan had an MRI on the 22nd. We got the results this last week and his abscess has gone down to 1.2cm. We will need to continue his antibiotic and he will have another MRI toward the end of the year.

Next, Nathan is having heart surgery on Wednesday, November 3rd. They are doing one of two parts (although we are praying that things go so well they decide it would be good to do both at once). They are going to re-route the blood in the upper half of his body to go directly to the lungs and then to the heart. The next surgery would be to do the lower half of his body. Eventually, his heart will be completely one directional, only pumping oxygenated blood out to the body. It is open-heart and he will be on bypass. They say he will only be in the hospital 5 days. Given he has quite the record of finding ways of keeping himself in the hospital, we are hoping he behaves and that we can bring him home soon. :)

Tomorrow he has a pre-op appointment with his cardiologist where we will find out more details of the surgery, (time, duration, etc.). I will post those details once I get them. We appreciate you keeping Nathan in your prayers come this Wednesday!

Finally (yes FINALLY), I am posting pictures. I knew I couldn't post again without photos for fear of disappointing a fellow New Day mom (this is for you Tanya!). :)

Take care.