08 February 2010

CT Scan Results

Nathan had his CT scan this morning and we received the results. The swelling in the brain has subsided and he will no longer need to take the medicine that was treating that. I also apparently misunderstood what happened during his surgery. I thought they cleaned out and removed the abscess but they actually just drained it. The abscess therefore, is still there but it is smaller. He will have to be on antibiotic therapy indefinitely to treat it and have routine scans to check progress. He is down to one antibiotic and they changed his anti-seizure medicine to one that he can take orally.

He also had an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of his heart) but we do not have the results of that yet.

Nathan is doing well though. Today he was tired all day but that was a result of not sleeping well last night. He is actually starting to say new words which I was pleasantly surprised to hear. One is, "hello" and "I want some." Nathan's vocabulary is very limited and I suspect he might need speech therapy at some point. But it was so nice to hear him say new things. I wonder if the abscess has anything to do with his speech. I will have to ask. He also asked for Isabel a few times today (he calls her Bel). Very cute.

The doctor's are thinking that Nathan will probably be able to go home on Wednesday. I am so happy that we are so close to bringing him home. I look forward to him getting uninterrupted sleep and hopefully resting will speed his recovery. It will be great for him too because he's always anxious when people come into the room, especially when he's sleeping. So many reasons to get him home!

I will hopefully update the results of his echo tomorrow. I think they are looking to see if there is still any bacteria on his aortic valve. The cardiologist did say that his heart is the least of his problems right now. I guess that's good and bad. At any rate, we are praying for complete healing for our little guy and believe God is hearing us and all of those who are lifting him up!


Frank said...

I have been praying for all of you. I have also been praying that Nathan is fully healed by our GREAT HEALER :-)

TanyaLea said...

Richard and Kelly ~ We are still lifting Nathan up in prayer and trusting in the One who is in the Healing business!! We know that by Jesus' stripes, Nathan WAS healed, and we are taking claim of that truth with all of you for him.

So glad to hear that you should be able to return home to your own environment, and your own beds on Wednesday. Happy to see that so many others are standing in faith and lifting up Nathan in their prayers, too!! And how cute that Nathan was asking for his 'Bel'...love it!! :)

Blessings and Hugs to all of you!


Heather said...

We have a precious New Day baby as well. Our Lillian came home on Christmas Day 2008. She was in and out of the hospital from Jan. 2009- May 2009 correcting things that had been overlooked after her complete heart repair of TOF. She is now such a spunky thing and we rarely even have a sniffle. I pray the same will be Nathan's outcome. Hopefully soon, you can enjoy stress free, healthy Nathan!

Also, she came home at 21 months and her vocabulary was somewhat slow too. She could understand ALOT but spoke little. At about 7-8 months home she exploded with language!!! She now says ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!

I share this to hopefully comfort and give hope! I pray better days are to come! God bless-

Mandi said...

Oh what wonderful news that you may be able to go home tomorrow. Our God is a miracle worker, that is for sure.

I will continue to say prayers that Nathan continues to feel better.

Cardinalsfan said...

Great news! Praise God! We continue to pray.