05 February 2010

Another Night - More improvements

It was my turn to spend the night with Nathan. He slept most of the night after dinner.

He did get up around 4:30 in the morning and we had a mini breakfast with some cereal and juice. Then around 8:30 we had a real breakfast, he cannot wait until lunch for some more food.

The doctors will be discussing the short term plan for Nathan today, we will see when he can get home. He is already asking to GO. We are all ready to be home.

He is saying some words that I am not sure what he is trying to say and this frustrates him so much. I can side step it a bit by always ending up asking him if he wants some more apple juice and then he says yes. Will definitely need a plan for sign language.

He is doing great and thanks for all the support.

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WilxFamily said...

YES!!!!! This is just the update we have been praying for!!! Awesome. God is soooo good.

"Signing Times" is a great sign language set. Our kids love them...we'll use them for Evan too. We have a few of the sets, and are thrilled. The kids really learn sign language very well with them. Great investment for sure.