03 February 2010

Nathan just had a huge lunch

Nathan just had a huge lunch. He usually eats more than me.

They took him out from all the cables and I was able to hold him for bit. I placed him back in bed after a short while since he did not seem comfortable but wanted to stay with me. His sores are still hurting I am sure where they took the tubes out. There was an IV in each hand, both legs and his groin area today, now they only have 1 on him.

Nathan and I are looking forward to seeing Isabel and Kelly a little later. They lifted the sibling restrictions, and they are already preparing for Isabel's visit. I think they have volunteers with a whole bunch of activities ready for her.

Only got a few hours of sleep last night hanging out with Nathan, but I enjoyed it. Kelly is the one who usually stays, but last night I was able to stay especially since I have internet access in Nathan's room so I am able to work while he sleeps. I had Matt Maher's latest CD on during the night and I really just wanted to burst out in some dancing I was so pumped with how well Nathan is doing.

Another fist pump ... Nathan allowed me to fix his diaper, the nurse changed it but it was not comfortable for him and he pointed to it to let me know it was bothering him and now he is sleeping.

Got to get some work done while he sleeps ... will keep the updates coming.


Mandi said...

YEAH, Praise God! I know he is not totally out of the woods yet, but at least things are looking up a bit.

Thanks for updating.

New Day Mom to Drew

WilxFamily said...

Yay Richard!!!!! We are continuing to keep Nathan in our prayers. God is so great.