07 February 2010

Busy Little Guy

Nathan was a busy little guy today. Richard stayed last night and when Isabel and I got here around noon, Nathan was ready to eat lunch. After lunch we gave him a sponge bath and put his own pj's on him and left the room!! He was so excited to see his own clothes and get to wear them. He kept saying, "mine" and "go." Richard carried him out of the room to see the little electronic train set they have on display. Isabel was really excited to show Nathan the trains.

We also had Nathan walk around the room with Richard holding onto him. He did such a great job! He cannot walk on his own but his legs know what to do, he's just unsteady. Afterward, he sat on the little sofa they have here and we played with bubbles. He also "helped" the nurse administer his IV medicine. He interacted well today! He colored some and had fun putting on the exam gloves we all have to wear. Both yesterday and today he was joking with us and laughing even. We haven't heard many laughs lately so it is so great to hear him having some fun. Even before coming here he was sick for some time and wasn't interested in having any fun.

The pediatrician that was here today said that she will arrange to have his CT scan and echocardiogram tomorrow and depending on how things go, we might be able to go home on Tuesday or Wednesday!! Everyone thinks Nathan is looking good and doing well. This is definitely an answer to prayer. We are praying that his CT scan especially shows no new growth of the abscess and that the antibiotics are working.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and comments on our blog. I am so thankful for everyone who took the time to pray for us. I am especially humbled by comments of people we don't even know who have taken the time to let us know that they are praying! Thank you so much!

I am hoping to post tomorrow that we have a plan to go home! Will keep you posted.


TanyaLea said...

Oh Kelly, this is a GREAT report! Praying that tomorrows scan shows an entirely dissolved absess and that it does NOT return! I'll be watching for that "going home" report!

Big Hugs,

Gwen said...

We will also continue to pray for Nathan! I'm so glad he had a great day! We adopted Sarah Mei from New Day and have been home for a little over a year now!
God bless Nathan and your family!

l said...

From Spain. We are a group of mummys who are adopting special need children, and we are praying for Nathan.


Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!
God's Speed home little one...

Angie said...

I am thrilled to learn that Nathan is improving! I have been praying for the little guy for several years and am so happy that he is now with his family. I will continue to follow Nathan's progerss and pray for him...
Annapolis, MD