03 February 2010

History Part 2

I realized that I never went into some of the details from Monday so I will do that now in case anyone is interested. Some people got this information and some did not.

To recap, we got to the ER on Sunday around 5:00PM. Went up to the pediatric ward around 8:30 or so. First seizure around 10:30. CT scan around 1:00AM. Transfer to PICU around 2:00. Was in the lounge until 5:30 while they put in the breathing tube and such. MRI around 7:00 followed by emergency surgery. Out of surgery and back in room around 11:30AM Monday.

Some may be wondering how an infection that started in the heart reached the brain. Apparently, everyone has bacteria in their blood. In a heart with no defect, the lungs, liver and spleen filter out the bacteria and it doesn't reach the brain or other parts of the body. In people whose heart works differently, the blood from the heart can reach the whole body therefore spreading bacteria anywhere. Our cardiologist said that an infection could have shown up anywhere, in the eyes, leg etc. In Nathan's case, it was in his brain. They have no idea when it started and the only way to know this was happening in his head was for him to have a seizure. All of his illness last week was due to the infection in his brain.

I just want to praise God for the fact that Nathan did not have any seizures at home. We were told that it was a miracle because this usually happens at home. He was in a position to get immediate help! Also, it is scary enough to watch something like that and I imagine infinitely more if we were at home and not in the hospital where nurses and doctors could immediately take the necessary steps to figure out what was wrong. I am so very thankful for that.

Also, given Nathan's heart defect, they were pretty sure that he had an infection in his brain and not a tumor. Like I mentioned in the History section from my update last night, they weren't sure if it was an abscess or a mass. They treated him for infection before they were sure. It is of course another blessing that he did not have a tumor. They said if he had a healthy heart and started having seizures, it most likely would have been a tumor. Again, a heart with no defect does not send blood with bacteria throughout the body.

I think all the information we have is now blogged and we can just go forward with our updates.

Thanks again to everyone who's praying! We are so grateful!

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