19 October 2011

It Went Well!

Everything went well with surgery! He is up in the PICU now and is sleeping.

Thank you so much for praying! I'll update as needed.

18 October 2011

Heart Surgery on Wednesday - the Fontan

I just wanted to update everyone on the plan for Nathan's surgery on Wednesday. He will have surgery in the morning at 7:00 (Central Time) so we need to be there at 6:00. They expect the surgery to be 4-5 hours long and we will be getting an update about every hour. Afterward, he will go up to the PICU and then we will be able to see him. They expect he will be in the hospital a week. Apparently with this surgery, there is a lot more drainage so he will have his chest tube in for the duration of the week. Once the drainage subsides and they can remove the chest tube and determine that everything is going well with his heart, he will be discharged. The surgical nurse said this takes about a week but everyone is different.

I want to thank you for your prayers! We really appreciate them so much. I will post an update after surgery to let you know how it went.