29 June 2010

Late Update

I just wanted to pop in let everyone know about Nathan's MRI. He had another one done on June 11. We received the results from the neurosurgeon on the 17th. The abscess went from 2.3cm to 1.7! This was very good news. I will admit I was hoping that it was a lot smaller (preferably gone) but it is going in the right direction so we're thankful. They did notice that the fluid collecting on another part of his brain has gotten larger since the last MRI. If it continues to get bigger, they will most likely drain it. He has another MRI scheduled for July 16 and we will get the results on the 20th. I am a bit discouraged that we are dealing with something new. It seems when we get past one thing, there's something new to deal with. However, I am trying not to focus on that. There is so much to be thankful for that it's definitely not productive to focus on the negative.

Nathan's had a slew of doctor's appointments this month and this is the first week the whole month where he doesn't have something to go to. It feels good! On June 2, we had to take him to the ER for a high fever. They never found anything in the cultures they did so they sent us home! It was quite the miracle as far as I'm concerned. We have been to the ER 6 times and that has never happened before. We got out of there just after 11:00pm and we ended up stopping for donuts to celebrate. :)

I do want to apologize for not updating sooner. I know people are praying and we are thankful.

I have some photo's that I hope to post soon. Until then, take care.