05 November 2009

Updates Coming Soon

Hi All

We will catch up with some entries coming in the next few days.

Today we visited Nathan at his foster home and tagged along with him
to his pre-school class. We played outside for a bit and then had
lunch. He has a huge appetite and he loves spicy food, I think he eats
more than me. We had a 1.5 hr drive there and on the way back Nathan
fell asleep and he was just very interested in the cars and buildings
that we passed. Isabel was trying a lot to get Nathan's attention by
tickling him and playing with him. They blew bubbles in the bathroom
when we got back to the hotel, they really play well together so far.

Isabel has been fantastic through all of this, she has been a real
inspiration for me. She assumed the big sister role immediately and
has been so enthusiastic during the day. It is amazing she has
adjusted to the time change. She relishes all the attention she has
been getting when we walk down the street, she waves at everyone. It
is interesting to see the people smile at Isabel.

We had dinner tonight at a restaurant and I was amazed that Nathan
already has his own personality, I guess I never though about his
personality before. He lets you know when he does not
like something or if your taking too long to cut up his food.

Kelly will be giving many more details if this works.


TanyaLea said...

Yeah!!!! It worked! :) So glad to see an update on here. PTL! God is good!! <>< I'm so glad to hear how well things are going already, and how good Isabel is doing, too! I'm sure the locals love her sweet smile...especially since she is so friendly and waves at them...how cute is that?! Glad to hear that she and Nathan are getting along so well already, too. I can't wait to hear more and see some photos. Take care and have a blessed time in your son's homeland!! You all will remain in our prayers! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

WilxFamily said...

It's working!! I loved seeing the pics of your family...altogether now on New Days blog today! I'm so glad Isabella got to go with!! What an extra special blessing to have your whole family together.

I am so thrilled the kids are getting along and that all is going well! Praying God's protection over all of you as you continue your journey!

Kelly said...

Just read your blog and saw the family picture; they both brought tears of joy for God's amazing blessing! We are praising the Lord for such a smooth transition, something only He could orchestrate! We continue to uphold you in prayer and look forward to your return home.

All for Him,
The Nelsons

Tami said...

Hi Kelly,

I found your blog through Tanya's and just wanted to let you know I'm SO HAPPY to see Nathan with his family!!! Isn't New Day great?!!! Wishing you an enjoyable time while in China and praying the transition for Nathan, and for you all continues to go smoothly.

God bless!
Tami (Sophie's mom)