14 November 2009

Moving On

Most of Friday was spent hanging out at the hotel packing and getting
ready to go to Guangzhou. We were originally supposed to be on a
flight around 5:00PM but that flight was delayed until 9:00PM.
Thankfully, Mary was able to get us on a flight at 7:00PM. The weather
was very cold but the rain had finally stopped. I am not sure the
cause of the delays but there were a lot of them. There was mention
that Beijing was having bad weather and that caused flights into
Nanchang to be delayed. At any rate, we were able to get out at a
decent time. Many of the families staying at our hotel were on our
original flight and once we arrived in Guangzhou, found out they would
not be getting in until midnight. I can't imagine how hard that must
have been with all those kids.

Our flight here was barely over an hour. The kids did so well
especially being as tired as they were. We also had to leave the hotel
at a time that would prevent us from eating a normal dinner. We
figured we could grab something at the airport but there was only one
restaurant and it was very expensive. I hate to admit it but we
sustained ourselves on snacks!

We met our new guide at the airport and her name is Elsie. She is
fully of energy and very nice. It's funny though because Isabel asked
Richard if this was our, "new person." When we were in Nanchang she
kept asking for Cindy, who was our guide in Beijing, and now we're on
our third guide. I don't think she understands why we keep having
different people showing us around. :)

When we pulled up to our hotel I can't tell you how excited I was to
see a Subway right next door. We are staying at the Victory. We opted
to stay here because I had read the rooms were rather large and when
we got here, they were a welcome sight compared to the rooms we had
been staying at. The kids ended up falling asleep in the car on the
way to the hotel so you can imagine how much energy they had when we
got here. Once they woke up they were full of life. Getting them back
to sleep at 11:00PM was um, challenging. :)

The weather is warmer here but I can't say it's warm. Apparently, last
week it was hot but we are still wearing sweaters. It's nothing
compared to Nanchang and even the weather I expect to get when we get
home so I'm not complaining. I just wish I had packed more warmer
clothes and none of the summer clothes - I doubt we'll need them.


Cardinalsfan said...

Glad you got Subway. And it looks like Nathan might be left-handed! You know I'm partial to left-handers! :-) Praying for you guys and anxious for you to return home.

FlacaS29 said...

Yes I saw it too! Alex and I are happy to see that Nathan might be left-handed too! Pretty cool.