20 November 2009

The Subway To A Tomb

On Wednesday morning we met Elsie and the other family in our group
and headed for The King's Tomb Museum. Elsie took us on the subway to
get to the museum which we really enjoyed. The subway is relatively
new, about 10 years old, and is very nice and clean. Not quite like
the subway back home but ours is definitely a lot older. There are
televisions everywhere, even on the train. An older lady gave up her
seat so Isabel and Nathan could sit down. I initially declined because
I felt like she should be sitting but she was persistent. After taking
two trains, we had to walk about a block to the museum. The museum was
quite crowded and we later found out that we went on a day that it was

The museum shows ancient funeral objects and other things and you can
actually enter the tomb which was built underground in the side of a
small mountain. It was an interesting museum but one that the kids
couldn't really appreciate. I did get a picture of a replica of the
stone musical instruments that we saw being played at the Pavilion in

After the museum we went to a Chinese restaurant nearby. It was nice
to have Elsie with us because she did all the ordering and it made the
experience pretty stress-free. The restaurant had two rooms and right
before you enter the second one, which is where our table was located,
there were all types of fish tanks filled with all sorts of things.
All you have to do is chose what you want and it will be on your plate
shortly. Most of the tanks had eels in them, hundreds and hundreds of
eels. In case you were wondering, I had noodles and vegetables.
However, Elsie did order shrimp-on-a-stick which Isabel really
enjoyed. Poor Richard had to peel it for her, in other words, remove
the head and legs and shell. On the way out, you could see the tank
where they came from and the lucky critters that hadn't yet met their
fate. :)

When we were done eating, we took a cab back to the hotel and it was
time for Nathan to nap. Dinner was low-key and in our room. Later in
the evening, Elsie gave us Nathan's US visa so we are officially just
waiting for our flight home! Yay!

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