16 November 2009


I think the rain and cold is following us. Sometime Saturday night it
rained and we awoke to a wet and chillier day on Sunday. After
breakfast we decided to take a walk. We saw many people out by the
Pearl River jumping rope, exercising and playing a game similar to
hacky sack. We decided to see if the park was still wet so we made our
way over there. Most of the kids equipment was too wet to play on but
the park also has some equipment for adults to use for exercising so
the kids had fun playing on them. Nathan soon found a very large
puddle to play in but we tried to steer him away from it so that he
wouldn't get too wet. I started blocking his route to the puddle and
it became a game for him to try and get around me to play in the
water. We were having fun until he did get around me, tripped and fell
right into the water! My reflexes weren't fast enough to keep him up.
So, we headed back to our hotel and got him into some dry clothes.
Richard and Isabel went to grab lunch and then dropped off some of
Isabel and Nathan's clothes to get washed. I've never missed my
washing machine so much. :)

After Nathan's nap we stayed in the hotel until dinner where we went
to a place called Lucy's. They serve American-style food and we found
out that Nathan likes pizza and pesto. He's definitely fitting into
the family! Lucy's has pictures of American celebrities up all over
the place and gingham table cloths so it definitely reminds you of
something you would see back home. At this point, we are ready to be
home and not living out of a hotel. I think Isabel is feeling it too.
I am very happy though that she is with us and she has done a great
job with all the changes. I am very proud of her.

Isabel and Nathan are getting along as if they've been siblings
forever. They copy each other and antagonize each other. They can't
verbally communicate but one wouldn't know it! It is cute to see them
hug! It's also cute (although we don't like it) to see them get into
things together. They whine when the other one is touching them or
they push each other because one was "there first." It's interesting
to me to see Isabel like this because I never have. She's been an only
child and it's hard to know how things will be. Well, apparently
they're like every other sibling in the world! :)

Sorry I'm a little late posting lately. I've been pretty exhausted and
am usually falling asleep with the kids.


WilxFamily said...

sure doesn't take long for the sibling quarreling to start up! Because it's a daily...ur umm, perhaps moment by moment thing here...

I had hoped you'd have a nice long 'honeymoon' period. Oh, well!! Along with that comes a ferocious protection...especially on the part of big sister! It's sweet!

I'm glad you are on the last leg of your journey and that you found Lucy's!!! I hope in the next few months I'll be blogging about going to Lucy's too!

TanyaLea said...

It's been so fun catching up on your past few posts. I've been a little MIA lately, and have very little time reading blogs. But it was fun to sit down and catch up this evening.

So good to hear the kids are interacting like siblings already. I'm sure that will help the transition at home to go even more smoothly. I'm really glad you took Isabel with you, too!! :) She's a great sister already!

I hear every adoptive parent talk about Starbucks and Lucy's at this point in their journey. They are so happy to see something that resembles home. It won't be long now, and you will be on that plane heading back to the states as a family of four!! Yeah! :)

Take care and have a blessed week! <><