17 November 2009

More Rain and Bonding

On Monday morning we met Elsie and the other family in our group and
went to the medical office to have the children's TB tests checked.
Thankfully, all was well with both boys. If there was an issue, the
medical staff would take an x-ray of the chest to determine whether or
not they had TB. We were so thankful that we were in and out of the
medical office. We are done with the medical exams, yay!

It rained most of the day on Monday and it was very windy and cold.
After the medical office we decided to pick up our laundry and then
grab lunch. The place that did our laundry also has a store so we
wandered around and grabbed a few things. We got a puzzle for the kids
which is a map of China. It is made of wood and they have all the
province names in both Chinese and English. We also got a light-weight
ball which was great for being in a hotel room and out of the rain
most of the day.

After Nathan's nap, the rain had stopped so we decided to go to the
park. It was too wet though so we made our way to a nearby bakery and
got a couple things (Richard loves baked goods!). Then it was back to
the hotel for the evening. I forgot to mention that a couple days ago,
while Richard and Isabel were out, Nathan did really well by himself
with me. He didn't cry when Richard left which is progress and we
spent the time playing a game of peek-a-boo. I would put Nathan's hood
over his face and ask where he was and then he would pull it off and
I'd pretend I couldn't see him until finally I "found" him. He loved
it! I remember in one of our training sessions for our adoption that
oftentimes you need to play with adopted kids like they were babies
all over again to promote the bonding that they lacked with a parent
in their infancy. Hopefully, our game will help. Even since our game
he will take his hood and try to pull it over his face so that we can
play some more. Very cute. :)

Richard was kind enough to get us food for dinner so we ate in our
room and then it was time to get the kids to bed. We decided to start
rocking Nathan to sleep some days ago since we believe that it will
help with bonding and also to give him a chance to experience what it
means to have parents. He's had to soothe himself to sleep for so long
and possibly never had anyone rock him to sleep. Sometimes it seems
like he doesn't really know what to do while we're rocking him. This
is mostly at night though because it takes him minutes to fall asleep
for his naps. I find it quite astonishing actually. Hopefully, the
rocking will help him identify us as his parents. At his foster home,
there were a lot of foreigners that would come in and volunteer and he
loved the foreigners. When we're out now and if he is walking, he will
go up to people and want to be picked up. We are trying to prevent
this as we know he is "parent shopping" and he doesn't understand that
we are the people who will be taking care of him from now on and that
we are his parents. I know that this is normal given his past but this
is not healthy. He would walk off with anyone and never look back and
that would not be the case for a child who was attached to their
parents or caregivers.

Tomorrow I will post about our US Consulate appointment. Sorry for
not posting pictures, more to come tomorrow.

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