20 November 2009

Amusement Park

On Thursday, we went again as a group to the amusement park we had
been to earlier in the week. This time it was open and not nearly as
cold. The sun was shining too. Nathan woke up crabby so he wasn't that
interested in the rides although we did put him on a few. Isabel got
to ride the carousel which she was thrilled about! The kids rode a
train and Nathan went with Richard on the bumper cars. After we were
done with the rides, the kids played in a park for a while. Well,
Isabel played with the other two boys in our group and Nathan just
hung out with Richard. He didn't want to go on anything.

At lunch-time we went to a pedestrian street not too far from our
hotel. We took a taxi from the park and met our group. Isabel loves
taking taxi's. I think it's because they come in so many different
colors. Some are yellow, blue, green, etc. Isabel likes riding the
yellow ones. The pedestrian street is quite large and you could easily
get lost, especially since there are more than one of the same
restaurants all within sight. After lunch we walked back to our hotel
and put Nathan down for a nap. When he woke up, we noticed that he was
hot and after taking his temperature, realized he had a slight fever.
He would just lie around and a couple times just fell asleep right
where he was. He was also very clingy to his lollipop. I don't think I
mentioned how much of a hit the bag of lollipops we brought have been.
Nathan's fallen asleep several times with one in his hand (unopened).
He likes having one to carry around even if he can't eat it (we don't
allow the kids to have too many, maybe one or two a day and they are
very small). The ones I brought are a brand called, Yummy E@rth, which
I bought at Whole Foods. They are so good. Richard and I have also
enjoyed them. I totally recommend bringing something like that if you
have yet to travel. They worked to calm the kids when we had to wait
in lines. It was a nice distraction for them and even a comfort for
Nathan even if it was closed. The times that he's slept with them, he
will sometimes wake up, look for the lollipop if it had fell out of
his hand and once he found it, go back to sleep. Very cute.

On Friday morning, Nathan still had a slight fever but after having
emailed our doctor in the states and got the go ahead to give him
Tylenol, he's doing much better. His personality is back for the most
part (still a little crabby) and he's more interactive than he had
been the day before. Hopefully, he will be all better for our flight
which is on Saturday morning.

It's Friday afternoon now and we haven't done much today except for
some shopping and eating. :) Richard and Isabel are currently at the
park while Nathan is napping. This evening we are having dinner with a
dad who is here alone adopting his son.

Well, this is my last post from China. We are leaving in the morning.
Thank you to all of you who've followed along, prayed for us and left
encouraging comments and emails. We appreciate you all!! I hope to
post when we get home. Nathan has an evaluation with a cardiologist
the day before Thanksgiving so we will see how that goes.


WilxFamily said...

Your last post from China...AMEN!!!

We will hunker down and really pray for Nathan's fever and the travel, etc you'll be doing now!!

Congratulations on your new little man!

Terri said...

Congratulations on your new 'little man'. He won my heart last summer when I volunteered at New Day. He holds a special place in my heart and I will continue to pray for him and his hew family.