14 November 2009

Medical Appointments and a Treat

The kids woke up early on Saturday given how late they went to bed the
night before. We really needed them to though because after breakfast
we were meeting Elsie so that we could take Nathan to have his medical
exam. There is also another family from our agency here in Guangzhou
and so we will be going to all of our appointments with them. They are
a really nice family and are adopting their second son from China.
Their first son is also traveling with them and it's been great
getting to know them.

At the medical office Nathan's vaccination record was reviewed and
then the doctors determine whether or not he will need any additional
shots. All children are tested for TB and unfortunately our little guy
also needed to have two shots. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. I felt
so bad for him and all the kids really. The other family in our group
mentioned that their state won't even accept vaccinations from here
and their son will need to have them all over again. Oh, I hope that
isn't the case for Nathan. We will see when we get home. After the
shots the kids are examined and that is basically it. We will need to
go back on Monday for the doctor to check the TB test. So far I think
it looks fine which is good.

Afterward we walked back to our hotel and then made our lunch stop at
Subway. Then it was up to our hotel room for Nathan's nap. He took a
long nap and then when he woke up, after playing a game of "everyone
jump on daddy," we went out for my much anticipated treat. While going
out for Nathan's medical exam, we (I) noticed a Starbucks just around
the corner and so we went and got a snack. Then we took the kids to a
park we noticed while out earlier as well. There were lots of kids
there including the other family in our group so it was nice. It is
just nice to be around others who are going through the same
experience. It's really encouraging for me. We spent a while there and
talked to other adopting families and the kids ran around and had a
great time playing.

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and then went back to our hotel.
Both kids were tired but Isabel especially so after baths, we put some
music on and had the kids go to sleep. Tomorrow is a free day for us
so I hope the kids sleep well and wake up rested.

The picture of Richard and I with Nathan in front of Starbucks was
taken by Isabel. I let her use our SLR to take it and she had never
used it before so she was so excited. Then later at the park, Nathan
wanted to take pictures too because he saw that Isabel got to. He does
a great job communicating without speaking English, especially for
being 2 years old. He is a great little brother because he already
wants to do everything his big sister is doing. Isabel is a great big
sister because she doesn't mind showing him what to do. :)

Well, it's time for bed for me. Good night.


WilxFamily said...

I am SO TICKLED you are doing much better, and the weather is a bit better! How reassuring and encouraging to meet up with some familiar faces. I just love seeing all the pictures, and hearing Isabel's escapades with her new brother. It makes me really long to be able to take our kids with. I know it would be a lot of extra work, but oh, to have a huge mission field planted in Olivia's heart especially!!

What an extra special blessing of Subway and Starbucks too! It's so neat to be following this journey with you.

I am loving how the Lord is just taking care of you guys with your flights too! He's so good.

FlacaS29 said...

Oh that is cool about Subway and especially Starbucks!! And Isabel took a great picture! I am glad she is having fun showing Nathan things as well. It must be fun for her.