12 November 2009

Morning at the Museum

We woke up to rain again on Wednesday. I was a bit disappointed
because we were supposed to meet Mary and go to a park but it was too
cold and rainy so she took us to a local museum instead. It was,
however, nice to learn more about Nathan's province. For instance,
Jiangxi has the largest fresh water lake in China. They also cultivate
rice here and harvest it in July and October. They are also known for
their porcelain. Mary says that there is a saying that if you do not
have porcelain in your home than it is not a home and that everyone
has porcelain. Some of it for everyday use and some for decorations
and special occasions.

For lunch we went to our usual stop and then back up to the hotel. The
weather has really turned here and the kids are now bundled up in
winter coats, sweaters and mittens. It is very, very windy here and on
our way home from lunch, the wind broke one of our umbrellas! I am
definitely looking forward to our flight to Guangzhou on Friday which
will lead us to warmer temps. :)

Richard ended up going out and getting us food for dinner. I had the
kids and we put on the Discovery channel which had some documentary on
music. In the meantime, I was trying to organize our suitcases. At one
point I was sitting on the floor folding clothes and Nathan (who isn't
that interested in television) decided to try and put one of Isabel's
hair clips in my hair. He played with my hair for quite a while. While
he was doing this I asked him to say, "mommy" which he did and then
asked him to say "mama" and he said that as well. Up until that point,
he would never say it even though we know he can. And, even now he
won't say it again so I think it was a nice moment for him.

A couple of things - whenever Nathan sees me combing mine or Isabel's
hair, he will want his combed as well. It's funny though because he
definitely doesn't need it. Then he apparently notices that I put hair
clips in Isabel's hair and he wants to do the same for him. At first I
didn't want to put them in because they are for girls but as long as
we don't go out, then it's probably fine.

Soon Richard came back with food so we ate and did the normal
nighttime routine. Nathan went to bed early since he didn't take a
proper nap. Oh, before bed we tried to get some pictures of the kids
in their pajamas because they looked so cute. :) I will include a
couple for you to see.

Tomorrow I will post about our last day in Nanchang before heading to
Guangzhou. We will be there for a week and then it is back home. Yay!


WilxFamily said...

oh, are they EVER like two peas in a pod!! So sweet that he wants YOU to comb his hair and put clips in it too. Even more so with playing in your hair! He's coming around. He'll be a mama's boy in no time. :0)

He'll probably be dressed up like a princess in no time too! Not sure about your house, but when Olivia does that, she says, "Mom, I need a sister." and as Mason is all dressed up in the dress, heels, earrings and tiara, he announces that he needs a brother. Oh, perhaps YOUR day is coming!

Gwen said...

Hi, my name is Gwen and we were in Nanchang exactly a year ago, adopting Sarah Mei (also a New Day kiddo!!)
Nathan is a sweetie and your family is beautiful! Best wishes as you prepare for Guangzhou. You will LOVE Guangzhou! :)

FlacaS29 said...

I think it was so adorable for him to want to do your hair. And I think it was so great for him to call you Mama! He will be saying it on his own in no time. I have been enjoying reading all of your posts so much. I cannot wait for the next one. It has occupied me for some of the afternoon. I am anxious to meet Nathan and see all of you together. I know the kids will be so happy to see him as well. It will be such a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of us. Please give Isabel and Nathan hugs from me and the kids(if he allows you to!).

Cardinalsfan said...

Love the pictures of them laughing together. So precious!

Cardinalsfan said...

Love the pictures of them laughing together. So precious!