11 November 2009

Night Time and only Richard is awake !!

So it is 8:00 pm here and everyone is sleeping except me. Kelly cannot
screen this post, so she will definitely be surprised tomorrow and I
will be in a lot of trouble. Turn a blind eye to all the grammar
errors, Kelly is not around to fix them.

I decided to take the time to try to get some video organized, I am
surprised to see we had so much footage of meeting Nathan. I have some
footage of us hanging out with him and some of his classmates. When we
get back I will be creating some DVDs. I am only going to send some
video footage to a select few :), I think we should keep some of this
experience private since it is also Nathan's story to tell. But I am
really excited to have captured some of the other kids. I was sitting
right next to Evan while holding Nathan, I think Evan's family will
really enjoy the video footage. We began praying for Evan when we
found out that Nathan and Evan were rooming together. I remember the
night we were praying before bedtime and Isabel prayed a prayer that I
will never forget. She simply said "God help me find Forest a Mom and
Dad" and I realized then that God also hears the prayers of Children.
A few weeks later we found out that Forest now called Evan was matched
with a family.

We thank God for answering our prayers that Nathan would know that we
are his family. Nathan has so many people praying for him and we
really appreciate all of your prayers. I want to mention some of the
kids who consistently prayed for us Amber, Alex, Xavier, Dominic,
Elizabeth and Phillip. I want you to know that prayer works.

Our family has been transformed by this experience, I have tasted what
it means to live your life for Christ and I do not want to go back.
Giving up control over your life is sometimes scary and out of our
comfort zone, but it is so worth it. It took me a long time to really
give up control over my life. I have been praying for the past few
months that God will use my life and that I would not continue to try
to live this life my way. I wanted him to know that I am finally ready
to give him the controls and I will follow. Now I am sitting in a
hotel room in China reflecting on my past and what lies ahead. This
life is too short to continue to do it my way, I have made enough
mistakes to know that my way is really boring. I want to catch a wave,
a wave that God is putting in motion and ride it as long as he will
allow me to, then my life will be filled with his adventures. Looking
at Kelly, Isabel and Nathan who are sleeping right now, I know for
sure that I am having the biggest adventure of my life.

I am also excited to see what God is doing in other people's lives and
the adventures that they are embarking on. Just to mention a few :
Daniel my brother in law just got back home after spending almost 2.5
months in a hospital after a motorcycle accident. Daniel and Stacey
are definitely in their own God centered adventure. Also my wife's
good friend Debbie will be getting married on Friday to an awesome guy
who loves the Lord, you just cannot beat the combination of 2 great
people who love each other and share a passion for Jesus. I know Kelly
would really want to be at the wedding, I will try to convince Debbie
and Tom to have a post wedding party (convinced ?).

So I just want to encourage anyone who is reading this to ask Jesus to
orchestrate your next adventure. You will know that your on an
adventure when you have huge God moments in your life.

Well I am off to catch some ZZZZZs before the 2 pirates of the
Caribbean awake from their slumber to do battle. Yikes it is 10 pm the
latest I have gone to bed, this shipmate will be in trouble.


TanyaLea said...

Richard ~ Dare I say that I'm CERTAIN Kelly will approve of this post! I love it and can't wait to share it with my husband. Your love and passion for the Lord is clear, and I pray He blesses your life and family in a way that only His guidance and leadership can!

And Molly's family is going to be SO blessed when they get that video of Evan that you speak of...such a blessing! I love how you acknowledged the children and how God hears and answered their prayers. Such an encouragement to keep their sights focused on others and on Jesus!

Now, catch yourself some rest before your little blessings wake up...or should I say "pirates"?!?! LOL!! ;)

Thanks again to both you and Kelly for bringing our gift for Khloe along with you to NewDay. Karen did send me the photos and it was such a treat!!


WilxFamily said...

Oh, and God certainly answered Isabel's prayers. I don't think it was much longer either! Our daughter too was praying...she didn't know of Forest, but she was praying for her soon to be bro/sis. Oh, these kids! Their faith!
When we saw Forest for the first time, I knew immediately he was our son. I am so thankful God has pushed us out of our comfort zone, financially, to adopt. He knows far better than we, and for that I am thankful.

It is very humbling to say the least that there were and are so many people praying for Forest and his forever family before we came into the picture. Your prayers were certainly answered by knitting our hearts with Evans.

God IS so good, and you are so right...His waves are the best. Not the easiest, but definitely the best. I wouldn't trade the valleys and the mountains for anything!

Oh, yes! We will really enjoy the footage of Evan. I'm sure it will be watched over and over, and sent to all of our family. :0) Our kids are SO EXCITED for Evan to come home.

FlacaS29 said...

Richard you made me cry...and laugh(your life being boring). I know for a fact that your life is not and has not been boring. I know you are a wonderful person who has fun wherever he goes! I understand however, what you mean, and I know that God has blessed you with a wonderful little family, as well as you for them. You and Kelly have done so much for others(myself and my children included)and now God has made this your time to fulfill your hopes and dreams. As well as overfilling your hearts with all the love you can handle. And both of you and your children deserve it!!