19 April 2010

We're Home!!

Nathan was discharged on Friday! We made it home around 4:00PM. Since then, we have been busy filling prescriptions and figuring out his medicine as well as getting the house in order. His home care nurse came by Friday night and went through everything with us which I was thankful for.

On Saturday Nathan pulled off part of the dressing for his central line while he was supposed to be going to sleep. He scratched off a whole the size of a quarter that just so happened to expose the insertion site! This was after 9:00PM and we had to have a nurse come out and change it. When she left, she gave us a nylon sleeve to pull up over his tummy to deter him from grabbing at it. He's also inherited a pair of socks over his hands and arms and a good wrap in a blanket when he goes to bed. We want to ensure that he doesn't do anything to land himself back in the hospital prematurely. Thankfully, the dressing was the only thing that he pulled off.

We are definitely enjoying being at home! It's so great to spend time together here, to sleep in our own bed and do all the things that we normally take for granted.

Nathan has another MRI on May 3. The following day we will have appointments with infectious disease and the neurosurgeon. We are praying that the abscess continues to shrink. If it continues to shrink at the current rate, I estimate that the abscess should be gone by July. We've decided that we are somehow going to celebrate when the abscess is gone and he is off his IV antibiotics. What a joyous day that will be! We are trusting that God will hasten his healing and that he will need no additional surgeries before his next heart surgery which will probably be sometime towards the end of the year.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers. I hope that the next couple weeks are uneventful in terms of Nathan's health and that I have GREAT news to report after his next MRI.


Gwen said...

Hurray! Such great news! I'm so glad to hear that you are all HOME!
Will continue to pray for healing!

Alycia said...

Yippee Jesus!
i'm just delighted to know that you are home and enjoying your all-togetherness! Praying for a couple of uneventful weeks as you recuperate from the hospital stay.
p.s. i sent the invite to my blog... be sure to check your spam box, as sometimes it ends up there!

TanyaLea said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad to hear that you are home and somewhat settled back in. I thank God that Nathan didn't land back in the hospital after scratching himself open. Poor boy! Take care and have a blessed week. I'm sure it is great having your bed back again...and I bet Nathan will just blossom now that he's back at home! Keeping you all in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead. We want that abscess completely GONE!

Love and Hugs,

TanyaLea said...

P.S.>> will you give Alycia my email address?
I would love to follow her blog, too. She follows mine, but I've had no way of communicating back to her. I can't wait until sweet Adahlyn is home with them! :)

God bless!

Tami said...

Yeah...So happy to hear you're home!!


The Ferrill's said...

Oh my sweet Nathan....and you sweet sweet parents. I have not checked in awhile and I had no idea you were in the hospital for so long. I will continue to pray for no more complications for your little guy. I know everything is much better at home.
Sending hugs from AL...