27 April 2010

Walking and Talking

Thankfully, we are still home. AND we are still LOVING it of course. :)

In the past week Nathan has had appointments with both his cardiologist and neurologist. His heart is doing great. The doc even said it sounded "really good." Yay. That appointment was Friday. Today we saw the neurologist. On Thursday evening we noticed that Nathan wasn't walking as well as he had been. We've since discovered that he is walking on his heels and not using his toes. I had him tip toe to see if he could use his toes and he was able to do that. His neurologist said it could be medication-related since he was put on a new one the day he was discharged. If it gets worse, he will have to be admitted so he can get an MRI done. He was scheduled for one on Monday the 3rd but the doc wanted to see if I could move it up and I was able to do so. He will have it this Friday. Hopefully, nothing new is going on. Also, we are praying that his abscess continues to shrink! I am believing that it is.

We also have to set up appointments to have him evaluated by Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Given that, Nathan is doing well. He is trying to talk a lot more now. He is stringing words together which is go great. He still needs help with pronunciation so he will probably need a speech therapist but we're enjoying his attempts to communicate. I asked the neurologist about his speech and she said it's probably a combination of his strokes and brain abscess. Tonight he even tried to say his own prayer before going to bed. It was cute.

On an unrelated note, we got Nathan a bike helmet yesterday. He will need one for when we take him and Isabel in our bike trailer. He LOVES it. He wore it most of the day and took it off to go to bed. He doesn't even know what it's for (I don't think) but is content to wear it around the house because Isabel also has one that she wears. We're hoping we can go for a ride before the week is up. I can't wait to see how he likes being in the trailer. He also likes riding a little tricycle we have. He just puts his feet on the pedals but doesn't pedal. He also doesn't steer well but just takes in the sights. Thankfully, the bike has a handle where an adult can push from behind. This works out WELL. Hopefully, I can get a few pics soon.

Well, that's it for now. I will update once we have the results of the MRI - probably on Tuesday.

Take care.


WilxFamily said...


What a joy it has been to ready this update about Nathan. This trial your family has been in is teaching me to appreciate the 'regular' in everyday.

I am so glad you are home, and even able to get out and enjoy the spring weather.

We will continue to keep Nathan in our prayers...his test, the shrinking of the abscess and the healing.

Wow. Congratulations on being home!

Alycia said...

Great news Kelly! We are rejoicing with you and are going to believe that the abscess is shrunk even more too!
So very happy to know that you are home and enjoying the family time!


TanyaLea said...

I'm with Molly...this trial your family has been on has most definitely put life into perspective on so many levels and taught me to appreciate the 'regular' in everyday, as well.

It is so nice that you haven't had any more emergency trips to the hospital. I pray that the MRI went well and that the results will reveal further testimony of a dissolving abcess! We know the One who is able!!

Know that your family has been and will continue to remain in our prayers. You are all so special to us, and I only wish you were closer.

And I also wanted to thank you for your very generous donation to Khloe's fund. It was received with much gratitude. Even moreso knowing all that your family has been going through, and still you find a way to reach out and help others. It touched us to the core...so thank you SO much!

Take care and keep us posted on the results. I can't wait to see more photos of your precious little guy...hope he LOVES riding in the trailer...we need to get us one of those again, too. I've seen many gently used ones on Craig's List so we will see about getting one when Khloe is home, as we all enjoy biking very much!

Take care and have a nice weekend!

Blessings and Hugs,