06 April 2010


If you read my previous post, you will know that I was pretty discouraged last night. After I had finished my post, one of the nurses came in and told me that they planned on keeping Nathan's breathing tube in because the abscess hadn't shrunk and they were going to see if the neurosurgeon would want to do the surgery today (again, this wasn't the official reading). From their perspective, it didn't make sense to take it out if he was going to have surgery because they would just have to put it back in. I was so sad. I just cried because I really hoped that Nathan wouldn't need this surgery again.

I went to sleep pretty late and every time I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep right away. I just begged God that the doctor's were wrong and Nathan wouldn't need this surgery. When the neurosurgeon came in this morning, he told me that the abscess went down and therefore he wasn't going to do anything!! He said Nathan should have another MRI in a month. I was in utter shock and almost started crying right then. I initially thought it couldn't have gone down that much because two separate doctors told me that the abscess hadn't shrunk. Well, it went down 7mm!!! The abscess went from 3.9cm to 3.2! I am lifting up praises to our God because I KNOW in my heart that God answered the prayers of everyone who has been praying for Nathan. I called Richard this morning and was crying because he didn't know any of this. I didn't call him last night because he was already alseep. I figured I would call him once a decision was made on whether Nathan would have surgery (the neurosurgeon gets in very early). One of the doctor's even let me see the MRI photo's. One from the last MRI and one from this MRI and I could tell that it was smaller and as one nurse put it, I don't even have a trained eye!

So, I have a different perspective today. I am in awe of the goodness our God has bestowed on Nathan and all of us actually. And so very, very thankful.

Nathan is still recovering from the chest tube insertion. He still has it in and it is draining. They are keeping him off his blood thinner until it stops. I am not sure when we might go home but we are over the biggest hurdles right now. It might be possible we could go home by the weekend. We will see. :)

Thanks so much for your prayers.


Alycia said...

Oh Kelly!
Yippee Jesus! That is the only thing i can think of to say after reading last night's entry and then the new entry. Yippee Jesus!
Am crying tears of joy that Nathan's abscess has shrunk! Praying that he (and you) will get to go home soon.
Be blessed!
The Lord is watching over you all.

Alycia (Adahlyn's Mama)

TanyaLea said...

COMPLETE tears of joy here!! After reading last night's entry, I immediately stopped and prayed again. I was pleading with God to dissolve that abscess and began claiming the Word over Nathan out loud. I asked God to keep chipping away at it until it is GONE, and that we will see to it that He receives all the glory and praise! And I KNOW I was not the only one praying...there are many of us. Like Frank said...we serve an awesome God and He hears our calls!!

PRAISE THE LORD! This is just AWESOME news and I trust there will be more good reports to come! Take a breather now and find rest in the Father ...He is in control!! <><

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Robyn said...

Kelly, this is wonderful news! I went back reading many of your blog posts from the past several weeks and you guys have been through so much! I will most definitely remember Nathan and your family in my prayers. It is not only hard on you and Nathan, but the family as a whole. We are in similar situations, feeling like you get one step forward and two steps back. But God is good, he is still on his throne and still in control. I also love that song by Matt Redman, You Never Let Go! It's true, he never let's us go, praise the Lord for that. I'll keep up to date on Nathan's progress. I remember him being at New Day! Blessings and prayers coming your way!

Kristi said...

We continue to pray for Nathan and your family. As a mom to a child with special needs who had a rough start to life.....I understand the difficult road you are traveling. Although our circumstances are very different many of the struggles a parent would go through are the same. It is so very difficult to watch your precious child endure these hard things....go easy on your self on some of those tough days. God understands your heart as a mom/parent. My son is now 16 and still endures hard things sometimes and it is still difficult on my heart as his mom. Wanted to share with you that on Good Friday he and I (and our family) were at Atlanta Passion Church service and Matt Redmond "live" sang the song you mentioned in your post a while back. My sons was singing every word with such a heart for Jesus that it brought me to tears as the Lord comforted this Mom's heart in a fresh way. I was also moved to pray for your Precious Nathan and for your family as I knew this song was an encouragement to you as well. We serve a loving and mighty God who will never let us or our children "go" as he holds us safely in his care. Even as we sometimes face things that could easily overwhelm us! May these next days bring more healing in every way. Our prayers remain.