05 April 2010

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Well, Nathan was doing really well after his surgery. On Thursday, they took his breathing tube out and on Friday they took his chest tube out. The chest tube was in to drain blood/fluid caused by the surgery. Nathan's oxygen levels were in the mid 70's and even in the 80's while sleeping. He had pink lips and tongue, pink nails and fingertips. It was so great seeing him like that.

We also had a great Easter where he got to go for a ride in the wagon (he LOVES the wagon). He sat on the sofa in our room for several hours and we played some games and read some books. His cardiologist was even talking about him being able to go home soon (providing that the MRI would show the abscess shrinking). We were all really excited. Even the nurses were all coming in to see how great he was doing. We even got Nathan to walk some (with help). Our nurse encouraged him to get up and stop sitting on his bum all the time. :) He protested at first and then realized he liked walking. :) It was all so special and unfortunately, not to last long.

Today, Nathan's oxygen levels went down. He also started bleeding out of the wound where the chest tube was. After a chest x-ray, they determined that he had fluid inside his chest, right around his left lung. So, they needed to put him back on the breathing tube and put the chest tube back in to drain the fluid (his oxygen levels went down because his left lung was under pressure because of the fluid). They were hoping that the fluid was blood and not lymph fluid and that actually turned out to be the case. After that procedure was done his oxygen levels went up.

The main reason for the fluid in his chest was due to the fact that he is on a blood thinner and asprin. His blood couldn't clot and help his body heal from the surgery. It is quite the balancing act to treat him to prevent clots (and thus another stroke) and still be able to heal. He is off his blood thinner right now and they are going to give him blood. He looked so pale today - no color in his lips or fingers, not even pink.

An hour after the chest tube was put in he went down for his MRI that was scheduled today. He actually just got back not too long ago. Two doctors came in and mentioned from what they could tell the abscess hasn't shrunk anymore. They are not the ones who will do the "official" reading so I'm hoping that maybe it's gone down just a little. The neurosurgeon mentioned to Richard that he wanted to see it go down by 5mm. That seems like a lot but we were praying for that. I don't know what they will say tomorrow but we've just conceded that Nathan might be here for another abscess drainage. We prayed and hoped that this wouldn't be the case and a part of me is still hoping Nathan can avoid this risky surgery.

Today was a hard day for me. I feel like as soon as Nathan starts to get better, something happens to set him back. It's hard to watch over and over again. Sorry to sound so discouraged. I will hopefully have a better perspective tomorrow.


TanyaLea said...

oh Kelly ~ Don't apologize for feeling discouraged and being honest about it... you are a momma and that is hard on any parent's heart. We will continue to PUSH (pray until something happens) for sweet Nathan and for God's grace to strengthen and sustain all of you during this difficult time. I pray it is a season in your life that is soon a distant memory, and that Nathan is on a solid road to recovery before you know it. In the meantime, let our Father carry your burden and help you through.

Hang in there, dear friend!


Cardinalsfan said...

I hadn't seen this yet when I got your text. It makes the news even greater. Love you guys!

Frank said...

Kelly...Richard: Hang in there. We are praying for all of you. Collectively you all have been through so much already and know that there is more to come. All that said, we have a Great and Awesome God and He is hearing all our prayers.

Love you all

Richard said...

Kelly has not updated the blog just yet. But the MRI results were looked at by the surgeon and another doctor and they saw that it had indeed shrunk by 7 mm (not official size yet). But they are not going to do surgery.