18 March 2010


Here are some recent pictures of the kids.

This pic is of Nathan after his first surgery and after our first release from the hospital (the one that lasted 20 hours). I took this not long before we went back because of his fever.

These were taken on March 9, three days before his stroke. They're not the greatest but he was doing really well then. Isabel loves doing puzzles and we're hoping Nathan starts too as well. :)

This was taken with Richard's phone. Isabel jumped into Nathan's crib in the hospital. I think it was taken Monday. It looked cute at the time but Nathan does look pretty sick in this one. Or maybe he just isn't too thrilled with big sis in his bed.

So, I took a couple pictures a few minutes ago so that you can see he is a little better. Actually, these pictures look like he isn't sick at all! Richard was playing with him off to the side to get him to laugh.


TanyaLea said...

ADORABLE!!! I've missed seeing those cute faces! His haircut is so cute on him. I may 'borrow' a couple of these pics for my blog post. Hope it's okay!!?!!

Have a blessed weekend! <><

jen said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all!
(Tonia's friend)