01 March 2010

No News is Good News!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update everyone. There actually hasn't been much to say. Nathan has not had a fever that required us to take him back to the hospital! We are so grateful for that. It is so nice being home and having a normal routine.

Nathan is also doing a lot better walking and using his right hand/arm. When we first got home he was very unsteady on his feet. A lot of it had to do with the surgery but I think maybe not walking for nearly 3 weeks might have been a factor as well. He is walking around the house pretty well now. He still uses his left hand more than his right but he is doing better engaging his right hand.

He has an MRI on Friday and next Tuesday we will bring that CD to the neurosurgeon who will hopefully give us good news about the abscess. I will update once we get the results of that.

We continue to give Nathan an anti-seizure medicine twice a day along with his IV antibiotics three times a day. I don't know how long he will be on those but maybe we will have a better idea next week. He also has appointments scheduled with his cardiologist and a doctor from infectious disease. The infectious disease doctors are the ones who monitor the treatment of the infection and decide what type of antibiotics are administered.

Our home health care nurse is really nice. She comes out once a week to take labs and change the dressing on Nathan's PICC line. It's great being able to talk to her and ask her questions.

Thanks so much for lifting us up in prayer!


TanyaLea said...

Oh Kelly,
I've been thinking of you guys so much and wondering how your sweet little guy is doing? I just didn't want to bug you with an email during this time, as I'm sure you are kept very busy as it is. But know you remain in our thoughts and prayers...and I agree, no news is usually good news! Praying that is confirmed at your upcoming appointments. Do keep us posted!

Love and Hugs to all of you!
~ Tanya

WilxFamily said...

Yahoo!! Praise the Lord Nathan is doing better! This is great news!